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8/28/2008 - BasiEgaXorz and SGTD Updates
There are new downloads for BasiEgaXorz, and SGTD :D, so go and get it.

2/20/2008 - Another BasiEgaXorz Post
Like I promised, another version of BasiEgaXorz has been released! This new version utilizes the ASMX 68k assembler, so there should be no more compatibility issues with Windows 98/2000/NT/XP. This release is fairly new, so there may be some bugs because I have not tested every command 100% with the new assembler. So anyways, go get v1.23 of the assembler in the BasiEgaXorz page, it is much better than version 1.20.

2/11/2008 - BasiEgaXorz v1.20 Released!
BasiEgaXorz v1.20, a BASIC compiler for the Sega Genesis, has been released! This version mainly fixes the bugs encountered in the v1.00 version. Check out, and download the latest release here. This will be the last version to use the SNASM compiler. The next release will use the ASMX assembler, which is a smaller executable, assembles 68k code faster, eliminates 100% of all compatibility errors with the Windows OS, and has support for assembling Z80 code. Expect another release no later than 3 weeks.

2/5/2008 - Tom Maniero: SVP IS NOW EMULATED!!! (really!)
The SVP chip has been finally emulated! notaz, author of the PicoDrive emulator, has released a "proof-of-concept" version of PicoDrive SVP for Win32, featuring working SVP emulation! Now you can run the original Virtua Racing on your PC without having to resort to the "deluxe" 32X version... Discuss here: Eidolon's Inn Tavern thread

2/2/2008 - Devster has updated his site???
Fooled you! The site hasn't actually been updated since 2006. Only this front page has been updated for 2008. No improvements, and no commitments have been made as well :D. Well, I did change the background color of the main page a little darker. For anyone that reads the forums, BasiEgaXorz v1.00 (some sega genesis compiler) has been released! Go check out the "Merry Christmas" thread for the download. A new version will be released soon, also. Enjoy the year 2008 everyone!

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