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TASM - Table Assembler, the assembler I typically use. Has other tables for other CPU's like the 6800, 8080, 8051, etc.

SDCC - Stands for Small Device Compiler. It compiles code for both the Z80 and 8051. Free, opensource, link. I use this compiler for all my Z80 'C' work, so all source code here is made with this.

Z80 CPU - Signal Descriptions for the CPU
Z80 PIO - Signal Descriptions + Programming Notes for this programmable I/O Chip
Z80 CTC - Signal Descriptions + Programming Notes for this counter/timer chip

Source Code (TASM):
When I sort through my source code, I'll be posting code here very soon!

Working Projects:
X-MonsterZ80 - A 24mhz Z80 work packed with video features, ide hard drive interfacing, and super cool operating system that i have yet to start developing power !!!

HD44780 LCD Interface: An LCD interface to the Z80 without using any Programmable I/O chips! Just connects the LCD onto the Z80 bus. Tested with a 4.00 MHz cyrstal. I doubt it will work with speeds greater than that.

Z80 Instruction Set/Execution Times Reference - A great reference :D

Amingo's Wild Journey: Source code to a gameboy game I made for a Bung coding competition contest. I only made the game for the consolation prize =P, since we had to give up our source code for the entry, which I didn't feel like doing if I made a more impressive game. You can still check it out on the Bung site that's still up here.
Blob Adventures: Another Bung compotition entry. I made this for a friend to submit, so that he could get the consolation prize, and then hand it over to me since there was only one compotition entry per house hold =). You can really see the similarities from the amingo game in here.