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Genesis Development
Top 10 Games For The Genesis
1 Road Rash 3
2 Landstalker
3 Phantasy Star IV
4 Outlander
5 Snake Rattle 'n Roll
6 Doom Troopers
7 Sonic 2
8 Toe Jam and Earl 2
9 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
10 Ristar
Homebrew Games:
Galaxian: Galaxian crap+clone made by the BASIC compiler
Segaleks V0.1: The most popular game to ever come close to Quake 3 - Daleks! Now for the Sega Genesis. Source code included. In this version, only the title screen works, and the level displaying is somewhat not yet done, but its there.

Snasm68k v2.1D ~300k (For Windows 2000, XP, ++ users)
Snasm68k v2.02Ex ~200k (For Windows 95, 98 users)

EvenOdd - Splits a file into two files, one for the even bytes, and the other for the odd bytes. Made by Jeff Frowien
SGTD !! - Sega Genesis Tile Designer
ImaGenesis - ImaGenesis Image to 16 color, Sega Genesis tiles quantatizer.
BasiRomEgaHaXorz - Sega Genesis ROM Intro Hacking tool. Use BasiEgaXorz made Sega CD Programs as introductions when loading roms.
Wal-MARS X - 32x Assembly Language IDE program builder
The DevSter Noise Machine - A >> simple << YM2612 tracker for the Sega Genesis
LAKABAJO - Real hardware uploading system without a custom built cartridge!

Source Code (ASM):
PSG Sound Test - Simple up, down sound test.
Bootload - A Sega Genesis bootloader to test out programs sent to a real Sega using RS232.
BasiEgaXorz Routines Source Code - If you use any routines or any portion of this code in your own project, give me credit please =D. Warning: These routines are not user friendly, and I will not comment it. Not recommended for learning 68k assembly =P.
MVS Tracker Driver Test for Basiegaxorz - Run mvs_bex.bin in an emulator. Get the MVSTracker Suite from Kaneda's Page.

Working Projects:
The Allen Bundy Project: PLC for the Sega? Nooo way dude! Yea, for real, I'm coding ladder logic for the Sega =). It will use controller #2, and the extension port for I/O. Ladder logic editing will be programmed on-screen. I don't plan to use the PC to upload because this is just a fun project =P.

EPROM Cartridge - Basic schematic to show how to hook up two 128K eproms to a Sega Genesis cartridge. The total size is 256K, you can hook up larger eproms if you wish.
Sega Mega Converter Schematic - Here are schematics so you can build your own SMS to Sega Genesis converter. All you need is a Sega Cartridge board for the connector, a 50 pin 0.1" connector, a resistor, and a button. Note: I have not yet tested this, but it should work because its only a bunch of jumpers.

Dr. DevSter's Guide to The Sega 32x - Guide to getting source code to run on the 32x.
BasiEgaXorz - The ultimate newbie basic for programming the Sega
The Sega Programming Network - Link to a site that contains very nice Sega Genesis introductory programming tutorials that cover the 68k and the VDP. Also, you can find more of the popular assemblers and compilers there.
YaVDP - Yet Another Sega Genesis VDP document. Aimed at newbies. Currently still at work though, got half the registers down.
A Better 32X Reverse Engineering v0.01 - Made a second document. I think this is a more accurate document than the one below it, but this is because I looked at the 32x code for Gens =). Register locations and memory maps.
32X Reverse Engineering v0.01 - My research and dissasembly of the 32x game: Afterburner. Things are meant to be wrong in this document, but its purpose is to fill in some holes for others that want to program a 32x.
32x EZ-Header - An easy header to use for developing 32x roms. Both the sh2 cpus are in an inifinite loop, and only the 68k is running code. All 68k codes starts at 0x800. To use interrupters, you will need to edit some code within the header, as describes in DevSter's 32x Dev Guide.
32x EZ-Header Source - Source code to the above header. All code is in 68k, and sh2 code was already pre-compiled.
Freeware 32x BIOS files - You will need these BIOS files in order to run Sega 32x games on emulators. Source code included

Sega 32x Test ROMs
Switching CRAM Pallettes - Won't work on real hardware
DevSter owns! text - Won't work on real hardware
Hot chick
Hot chick with Genesis VDP overlay
Hot chick in VDP mode 2
Hot chick in VDP mode 3
Hot chick in high quality 15bpp
Hot chick drawn without the SH2's, only the Genesis 68k - Won't work on real hardware
Hot chick drawn without the SH2's, only the Genesis 68k - Will work on real hardware
Hot chick Zoom Shot - Surprise, works on real hardware too
Shows a simple XOR pallette, and changes the cram every second - Will not work on real hardware
Now, a rotating XOR pallette - slow - Will work on real hardware
An even faster, optimized rotation - Will work on real hardware
Rotation in the opposite direction - Will work on real hardware
Rotation with no background fill - shows the 32x dual frame buffers - Will work on real hardware
1/4 of the pixels are drawn, so the rotation is 4x faster - Will work on real hardware
The red pallette got boring, so switched to something green - Will work on real hardware
Fast - back and forth - Will work on real hardware
Hot chick spinning - Will work on real hardware
Hot chick slowly spinning - Will work on real hardware
Rotation of the green XOR pallette without the stetching like in 17. Was suppose to go in between devstertest16 and 17 =) - Will work on real hardware
BasiEgaXorz 32X version of Galaxian - Will not work on real hardware, compiled with a buggy set of 32x routines
Picture drawn in mode 3 (RLE) with BasiEgaXorz - Will work on real hardware. Source is here.

Sega Genesis Mod Related
Sega License Screen Mod - Hate that licensing screen on your Sega Genesis when starting up? Then this mod MIGHT be for you. If you have a Sega 32x/CD, the mod will not work.
The Radica! - Radica made a mod to convert the Sega Genesis into a single chip-on-board. This page will explore the insides of this renovation.

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