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About " Us "

We at DevSter Specialties are proud to serve you ;D!

The goal of this website (in case you forgot, its DevSter Specialties) is to produce a whole lot of quality information on lots of stuff. Like, you know what i mean, right? Well, there's stuff here that gives information on extending a game console's primary objective (that is, going above and beyond just gaming it), there's some stupid comics on here i made also that could amuse you, there's traces of digital electronics stuff, i dunno, i was dropped on my head when i was a baby so don't make fun of physical (or maybe even mental) defects. We are able to maintain this goal with our 1,000 overseas associates working constantly 24/7 for dirt cheap (they don't know this though so shush!). DevSter Specialites is an equal opportuinity employer.

E=MAIL !!! joy :D! Use it to like, contact me or something!
(put that here becuz i'm lonely, and want your precious emails *sike*)
Okay, but seriously, if you really want to contact me, use the forums

Why was this cheapass site made?
Cause i was bored, and to annoy you

Why do they call you DevSter?
geez, only because i am the most valuable player in the development community

Do you smoke pot?
i don't know what you're talking about

Why does the site look like a ghetto LSD trip?
............... i don't know what you're talking about, is it suppose to look this way?

Your mascott (that yellow thingermabob) looks gay, no?
Yo mama. Devster mascott is a bear, and bears can't be gay (is a scientifically proven fact *cough*). Therefore, you're just trying to hide your inner gayness.

Is there a specific place to bitch about this site?

Do you really own a multi-billion dollar corporation, and have 1,000 employees working for you?
of course, its really no conspiracy

What's the coolest video game?
Pacman for lyfe

Who's the hottest chick?

Foxy Lady!

Who's the hottest chick (that's not a hentai)?
Thora Birch, from like ghost town and other movies

This site sucks, can't you at least make it look pretty or have someone do it for you? Also can you give useful information instead of garbage, k, thnx.
no, sorry, this seems impossible for my mindset

Show us a sexie pic of u!
<- Likes long walks on the beach

What is used to make this webpage?
The webpage was made using Adobe Golive's source editor, and is uploaded using the synchronizer. This way, I don't have to keep track of what I have to upload each time I change something. All html was hand typed by me, and there are no php/cgi scripts, just 100% html.

I am an oldbie fan of DevSter, what happened to Smah Dev?
It's gone =P. I never saved a local copy of the site on my hard drive, it was all made using a file manager and text editor on the site. The host turned out to be an adult server that hosted "adult" related stuff, and eventually folded out. Here's a screenshot from the scattered files: