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Schematic Drafters:
ExpressSCH - Free schematic drawing software. Very simple and fast. I use it just for quickie schematics. You can find some custom components on this page. ExpressSCH comes in a package with ExpressPCB.

ExpressSCH Custom Components made by me:
Note: You may need to use "Save Target As"
IC - Zilog - Z80CPU
IC - Zilog - Z80PIO
IC - Zilog - Z80CTC
IC - Zilog - Z80DART
Connector - Sega Genesis Cartridge
Connector - SMS Cartridge
IC - Synertek - 6502
IC - DRAM - 2118
Connector - 40 pin IDE Hard Drive
IC - AMI - S68045 CRTC
IC - Motorola - MC6845 CRTC
IC - Motorola - MC8647
Semiconductor - Transistor NPN (If you don't like the default transistor :D)
Semiconductor - Transistor PNP
IC - Eprom - 2708
IC - Eprom - 2716
IC - Eprom - 2732
IC - Eprom - 2764
IC - Eprom - 27128
IC - Eprom - 27256
IC - Eprom - 27512

P.P.Enlarger - Parallel port expander using the 82C55. Text file was made for a good parallel port reference in a nutshell :-). Schematics and BASIC code available.
Simple 8 bit IDE Interface - Connect an IDE Hard Drive to your 8 bit CPU, Z80, 8086, 8088, v20, 6502, 8085, 8080, 6800, 8051, yo mama, whatever. ATA drives have a 16 bit wide bus for 16 bit data read/writes, so this interface only lets you access half of your hard drive's capacity. Register writes are only 8 bits, so no worry there.

The AT Attachment Protocol - Rev 3.2 October 16, 1992

Piece of Cake DRAM to Z80 - Got this schematic from a book on the Z80. This was the easiest interface (compared to mine with the GALs and PLDs) i've seen for interfacing small DRAM's to the Z80.
Modern DRAM Reference - Was a good reference that took forever to find on the net about the different DRAM families. Doesn't give any timing info., you gotta go to the datasheets for that, but it does give a good description on signals and modes and such.
4116 Datasheet - 16384 bit, a common dram in the early 80's. Datasheet is still undergoing revision. The 4116 was replaced by the 2118, only requiring a supply of 5v.

MC6847 Test Circuit - A simple circuit you can breadboard to test yer 6847 vdg. There is nothing about interfacing the MC6847 on the internet, so I made one =). Also there are not many 6847's left, but I so happen to have 20 of them lying around from an electronics store that bombed.
MC6847 Simple Black/White Video Driver+Amp - You need this if you want to amplify, invert, and buffer the Y video signal from the VDG into composite video output. Very simple, only 2 transistors.
MC6847 Mode Sheet - Overview of the display modes

8042 and 8041 Microcontrollers - Technical information and whatever

Game Consoles:
Sega Radica Hacking - An entire webpage that explains how the Sega Radica works
SNES to PC Computer Conversion - The one, the only SNEC!