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12/25/2003 - Ultimate Christmas, 2003
Released BasiEgaXorz. It is a BASIC compiler for the Sega Genesis. It was released too early, but for the holidays, so what =D. It was meant to stimulate more people into developint more for the Sega Genesis, so we could have more Roms, and maybe more higher up developers to upgrade emulators =P. The homepage is here

12/10/2003 - Monster Sega
My 32x arrived 3 days ago, and today, it is now a modified beast. Here are pictures of it attatched to the Sega Genesis.

12/2/2003 - 32x
1) More updates to the 32x document.
2) Added a more accurate document. The old one will keep on going because its more on dissasembly and such while this one's straight to the point. Called "A better 32x......"

12/1/2003 - 32x Document Added
Not a very correct, and complete document. Meant for corrcting, and maybe helping others to "get deep" into a 32x game. In the Sega section.

11/30/2003 - Segaleks! <- New Homebrew Game! (Work in progreess)
Check it out, its in the Sega section. Also started a document about the VDP, also in the Sega section.

11/29/2003 - 6502 Instruction Set Added
Added a 6502 instruction set table.

11/26/2003 - SNES Programming
Decided to add some stuff about the SNES to the 6502 page, since SNES programming is starting to be scarce now.

11/18/2003 - Updates
Added a 6502 section including a 6502 introduction document covering the 6502 architecture. The document is the begining, so it will be constantly updated whwnever I feel like it. Also added some more custom components to the ExpressSCH archive.

11/13/2003 - Section added
Added a new section called pictures. There are pictures of some of the things I've built, and what not.

9/4/2003 - ExpressSCH Custom Components
Custom components for ExpressSCH updated

9/3/2003 - Site is uploaded!
Grand opening! Old pages+data on smashdev were totaled, so i'm starting new.

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