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SGTD is an easy to use tile editor for use with Sega Genesis development. When the user starts using the editor, he/she will become addicted to it and therefore will create pretty tiles for games. That's how much I suck. As stated: it is easy to use, just select your colors, and click on the tile window and presto!

The editor exports tiles in 4 different formats: BASIC (BasiEgaXorz basic), Assembly, C, and binary. The maximum size that any tile can be is 32x32 (I can crank that number up to whatever, if someone asks). Tiles are stored in a top to bottem format. eg: if you make a 32x32 tile, and you change the tile height to 8, those tiles that go from top to bottem will now go from left to right, 1,2,3,4.

All tiles are defined as 8x8 big. The editor will allow larger tiles to be edited, like 16x16, and when larger tiles are used, all tiles are grouped together. For example: when editing a 16x16 tile, four 8x8 tiles are actually being edited at once. There's a fixed order in which the tiles are grouped in relation to their tile numbers: grouping starts from the top-left corner, starts moving downward, then moves to the right. Don't like the order? Tough =P, the Sega Genesis draws sprites in the same order. Each tile then has a pallette assigned to each one. Different pallettes allow more than 16 colors to be displayed on one screen. To change a tile's assigned pallette, just select a different pallette from the pallette scroll bar, and start drawing. Immediately, the assigned pallette value will be changed. The current pallette can also be changed by the dropper tool.

Drawing Tools
Pencil: Sets a pixel area to the color specified by the pressing button.
Dropper: Gets the color of the pixel area that the mouse is placed on, and stores it in that button.
Flood Fill: Fills an entire area with the color specified by the pressing button.
Color Replacer: If the left button is pressed and if the color on the pixel pressed is equal to the color specified by the right button, then the pixel will be replaced with the color in the right button. Same goes for pressing the right button: If the right button is pressed and if the color on the pixel pressed is equal to the color specified by the left button, then the pixel will be replaced with the color in the left button. Because of the odd number of buttons on the mouse, the middle button cannot be used.

Drawing Functions
Shift Left/Right/Up/Down: Shifts the tile that is being edited by one pixel.
Rotate Tile: Rotates the tile in a fixed clockwise rotation. The program will not rotate a tile where width and height are not equal.
Flip Tile: Flips the tile Up><Down. Eg: Takes pixels on the first and last rows and exchanges them together
Mirror Tile: Like flipping the tile, but Left><Right. Eg: Takes pixels on the left-most and right-most columns and exchanges them together


v0.51 Beta
- Fixed a bug in binary exporting
- Added a feature to allow exporting to .tle format tiles to be used in Kaneda's map maker!
- Reduced the number of pallettes from 8 to 4
- Fixed a major bug in loading tile sets so the program doesn't crash (well, as often)
- Fixed a bug that messes up the status bar when browsing through tiles
- Fixed a bug when the user holds the mouse down while browsing through tiles
- When loading or saving, the application will indicate the percentage of how much data has been processed
- Changed tile browser scroller to scroll on a larger range
- Fixed a bug when inserting new tiles
- Say what? Devster finally updates? That's right, many updates were added to this release, making the tile editor a bit more useful
- Fixed bugs in drawing functions such as shifting for unusual sized tiles like 24x24
- Added saving and loading capabilities for tile sets
- Changed the toolbars to a different style
- When exporting tile and pallette data, there's a button to copy the data to the clipboard
- Fixed an obvious grid bug
- Increased the maximum tile width and size to 64 pixels! (like you're ever going to need it)
- More than one tile can be in memory at a time. You can see this feature in action by using the 3 new buttons: Insert Tile Before or After Current, and Delete Tile. There's also a tile list on the right side of the main editing window
- Copying and pasting of tiles supported
- Each 8x8 tile can have its own assigned pallette number
- If zooming, or changing the tile size makes the editor window bigger than the actual screen, the program will ask if its okay to continue unlike before, where it denied this resizing
- Two activeX files are no longer needed: COMDLG32.OCX and MSCOMCTL.OCX thanks to the change in toolbars, and use of DLLs
- Exporting of tile data and pallettes is slightly different now
- Used a different method for the flood fill tool
- All auxiliary windows open in modal
- Importing not finished yet, but will be added later!
- Happy April Fools Day!
- Added the shift, rotate, flip, and mirror functions
- Added 3 more drawing tools: The eye dropper, flood filler, and color replacer
- Added an option to display the grid
- First Public Release

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