TeH ImaGenesis
Sega Genesis Image Quantatizer
Author: DevSter (Joseph Norman)
ImaGenesis is a new revolution for image conversion for the 50th century. This baby is so pumped up with more features than seeing Elvis on diet pills. It is soooooo easy too.

Okay, so why would anyone need this? Glad ya asked the question, the answer is: there are no utilities out there on the net that lets you convert standard images you use everyday into 16 color tiles, specifically used for programming Sega Genesis games.


ImaGenesis 4000
- First update after a year!
- No more ComDlg32.OCX or MsComCtl.OCX
- The use of a temporary image file is gone
- There's an option to revert back to the original image
- The gdi can open any image now
- Improvements in saving converted images (not the export function)
- There are now 4 new modes to convert data to with different number of colors for the Genesis/32x
- Transparancy supported for tiles
- You can now choose the direction in which tiles are saved, eg: Sprite mode or normal background mode
- Two new image features added: Resize image, and crop image
- There's now different windows for exporting pallettes and tile data
- More export formats are supported, other than basic, there is C, assembly, and binary
- Added a feature to export the tile map, mostly used for optimized tiles, but also for 32x images
- Any form of data: pallettes, tile, and map data can now be saved to other formats other than what was used in the previous version
- Added a button to copy the exported data to the clipboard
- Added a new feature that exports 4 bpp tiles to SGTD tile sets (tile sets will only work on SGTD v0.51 or above)
- Fixed up the status bar
- Version released as a beta because lots of things were added, but most features are untested (espectially exporting modes)!!
ImaGenesis 3000
- First Public Release

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